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Thread: Character Names

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    Character Names

    Hey guys! So I'm looking for some help naming my two main characters for a book I'm planning on starting for NaNoWriMo. I have an idea that I've been playing with in my head but no for sure plot just yet. So far I've got this girl who lives with her Uncle who runs an Apothecary in Whitby, North Yorkshire, England. It's set in the early 1800's. The novel is going to kinda play around the idea of witchcraft I'm just not quite sure how yet. Anyways...the characters!

    My main character is a 17 year old girl who comes from a family that practices witchcraft. Her parents were hung after being prosecuted in a witch-trial and she now lives with her Uncle who runs an Apothecary. She's a sorceress, has thick, dark brown, curly hair. I want her to be a strong and independent character. For names, the first thing I thought of was Salem. I love this because of the irony with the name and the town, but I keep second guessing that it might be too much or stereotypical sounding, but I REALLY like this name for her. Names I've though of are...
    - Salem
    - Emiline: My name is Emily so I feel kinda weird using this one.
    - Adelaide: Maybe too pretty
    - Elsie: Too soft
    - Evelyn
    - Elizabeth (Eliza): Overused, but I like Eliza

    Her parents' names are Hannah and Zachariah. Her Uncle's name is Silas. I haven't decided if he's her paternal or maternal uncle.

    The other main character is a boy around the same age. He will most likely be her love interest, but a small chance they will be just friends. He travels England with his father. His father and grandfather before him were witch hunters which is what he is training to become. They visit the Apothecary and then later his father disappears and that's how him and the girl get involved (somehow). He has dirty blond hair that he keeps short. My first thought for a name for him was Tate but here is my list...
    - Tate
    - Oliver
    - Issac
    - Levi
    - Nathaniel

    I've also been playing around with last names and these are some of the ones I have written down, I'm just trying to find the right pairing...
    - Matthews
    - Beckett
    - Hastings
    - Walsh
    - Walker
    - Marwick
    - Greenwood
    - Harries
    - Connick
    - Lewis
    - Findlay
    - Cunningham
    - Savage
    - Fleming(s)

    Feel free to give thoughts/feedback/other suggestions. Thanks!

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    Well, to begin, I don't really like the name Salem. At all. It's too weird-sounding and not right for a main character in any story. I actually think Adelaide or Elizabeth would work much, much better. I love the name Emmeline, but not spelled like that. The name Emma would work, too. I actually think it would be interesting and cool if you based the MC's name off of yourself. A few other choices for her name could be: Clarisse/ Clara/ Claire, Hazel, Isabelle, Katherine, Katarina, Rebecca, Samantha, or Olivia.

    For the possible love interest, I think these might work: Zander, Xavier, Foster, Nate, Beckett, Liam, Kieran, Parker, Asher, Jacob, Ryan, Alexander, or Carter would work. Also, any of your last names would be perfect for either character.

    Good luck with your story!
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    I love Salem!


    I like Nathaniel for the love interest and think you should go with it. For the Last name I think you should go with the following Walsh/Hastings/Matthews.
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    Evelyn and Tate!
    Ps. I'm getting names together for NaNoWriMo too

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    I am muddled about the names but if you need to know anything about Whitby and the surrounding area then I will be able to help [wooo favourite place-I am here now]

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