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    Thalia pronunciation?

    I just looked up the pronunciation for Thalia (I thought it was Thal-ya (first 'a' as in 'apple'). When I mentioned it to DH he thought it was Thale-ya (long a sound). Then I looked it up and the real pronunciation is Ta-Leah. I wanted the "ya" ending.

    How could we spell it if we wanted to get either Thale-ya or Thal-ya sounds, without being one of those weird 'y' names that GQ article talks about?!

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    The only reference I have is that Thalia is an affluent area in my large city, and its pronounced as you thought with the long a (my personal preference). I've heard the Hispanic version pronounced the way you looked up.
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    I've always pronounced it Tal-ee-uh. Tal like Pal

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    This is the pronunciation: Θάλεια pronunciation: How to pronounce Θάλεια in Greek

    It's much closer to what you want than you realise

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    I knew two growing up, one of whom was Greek Cypriot, and they both pronounced it 'TAR-lee-uh'

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