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Thread: Marina

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    I love Marina (and not just because of Marina and the Diamonds, although I'm sure that helps). Anna Marina is a bit rhymey, but if the last name has a completely different sound, I think it works well. The meaning is beautiful.

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    I think Anna Marina is lovely and classic. I think of Anna Maria and it might get mistaken for that, but that's the only flaw I see. Gorgeous choice!

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    Oddly I actually went to school with a girl named Marina for 8 and it never occurred to me - until after I went to college - that her name was a word name (as in place where you dock a boat).

    I think it's quite charming with just enough quirk to be interesting without weird.
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    I love the name Marina. I think Anna Marina sounds beautiful.

    I agree with Taz above who said that people might be surprised just because they'd expect Anna Maria instead. I don't think that's a big deal, though, and Anna Marina sounds much prettier to me.

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    I love the name Marina but DH vetoed due to the boat docking thing. Anna Marina has a lot of a's in it, but if you love it, go with it--it's not that big of a deal (I won't even go so far as to call it a "problem")

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