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    Stick with George. It's too classic to be overshadowed by the new prince... it's perennial like William.

    If you still want alternatives, I'd suggest Greg or Gregor, or Serge (unusual but sounds similar), Alexander, Reginald, or the other classic names mentioned.

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    Stick with George if that's what you love. It personally isn't my style, but it pairs well with Henry, and your son won't be in the same play group with the royal baby, so you're probably safe.

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    I agree with the others who encouraged you to stick with George. It's a handsome classic that wouldn't necessarily be associated with the new prince automatically.

    However, if you do decide to go with Frederick in the first slot, I don't think the nickname Fred is a given. We have a little Frederik, and granted he's only 6 months old, but nobody every tries to call him Fred. We only call him by his full name and everyone follows our lead. Whether he or his friends will choose a different nickname when he's older remains to be seen, but I wouldn't avoid Frederick just because of Fred.

    Good luck!
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    1. Should we stick with George as a first name or seriously reconsider?
    - dont reconsider, just dont use it, its booming even without the prince

    2. Do you like George or is it a bad choice with the recent not so popular 'George Bush' and 'George Zimmerman' in US culture...
    Bush i dont personally have a vendetta against like most people but he is still on everyones minds as is Zimmerman
    but these connotations are definitely ANOTHER REASON TO SKIP

    3. If we do reconsider - what boy names would you pick as a nice sibset with "Henry Oliver"

    - Anthony, Theodore, Derek, Gregory, Thackery
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    If anyone has opinions on these three items I would really love to hear what you all think:
    1. Stick with George! If you're concerned, use it as the middle name.
    2. I love it And I like George Bush lol
    3. Thomas George, maybe?

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