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    I think you should keep it. In the states, I bet many people won't make the connection to the royal baby. Plus, people who know you already have a son named Henry probably won't assume that you're copying the royal couple since George and Henry are the same style. It fits perfectly with Henry. If you want, you can tell people you had it picked out beforehand. Especially if you love it (which it sounds like you do)...keep it.

    Quite honestly, when I hear George, George Washington is the first name to come to mind and always will be. I strongly disliked George Bush and think the George Zimmerman thing is a travesty, but still, I believe George is a great, historic name. Too good of a name with too much history to be ruined by some bad George seeds. Best wishes!

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    I think that George is a classic choice that sounds great with Henry. If you will lose your mind if you hear, "Oh, like Will & Kate's little George." or if you will scream if someone calls your son a little prince, maybe you should move on. If you could care less about comments like that, and if you really adore the name, I think you should go ahead and use it. As the years pass so will the association.

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    January is a long way away. I doubt met people will even make the association by then, especially since George isn't an unusual name.

    As for George Zimmerman, that association will fade even sooner. It's only on everyone's mind because the verdict came in within the last couple of weeks.

    All that to say I would use George without any reservations!
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    I think I would keep George. I love that name. It is one that we are looking at. ( even with the new prince).

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    Quote Originally Posted by mplsdesigner View Post
    We have a 2 year old little boy who we call "Henry Oliver". We love the traditional names (obviously) and I don't really care about a more popular name - especially for boys.

    If anyone has opinions on these three items I would really love to hear what you all think:
    1. Should we stick with George as a first name or seriously reconsider?
    2. Do you like George or is it a bad choice with the recent not so popular 'George Bush' and 'George Zimmerman' in US culture...
    3. If we do reconsider - what boy names would you pick as a nice sibset with "Henry Oliver".
    1. No (don't seriously reconsider).

    2. No (it's not a bad choice).

    3. Henry Oliver


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