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    I don't think you should let The Royal Baby affect your decision. I think most people will understand that you picked out the name before the prince was born. Besides, its not like its a terrible association.

    Secondly, even though you might not like the negative associations (like George Zimmerman) keep in mind all of the POSITIVE associations. If you look really hard enough you'll probably find something bad about EVERY name.

    Now, personally. I don't really care for George. I think its a bit boring for my tastes. But hey, that's just me. If I met a little George its not like I would pull a face. It may not be my cup of tea, but it ain't awful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by celianne View Post
    If you live in America, you could always be snarky about it: 'No, we named him after George Washington!'
    I thought the same thing today. George Washington...would definitely quiet someone up if they brought up the Prince.

    Everyone's comments are so good to hear. The points about George being a classic is exactly the reason we picked Henry. They are so traditional you cant really associate just 1 person with names like these. I think I just got swept up in the moment with all the news of the prince. Thank you for making the big picture clear again all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by casshogemo32b View Post
    George is nice, but how about Hudson Brock? Flows with brother and not too popular!
    This probably isn't a joke, but I'm going to take it that way. Thanks for making my day, new member!
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    Go with George. I don't see any reason not to.

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    George Peppard. Breakfast at Tiffany's.

    It is a glorious name. Totally go for it!!!

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