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    George, like William, Catherine, and Elizabeth, have been so well and widely used throughout history that the Royal Family are not what I think of when I hear their names, even though I see them in the news all the time now.
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    First off, I love your son's name. Secondly, I love George Frederick. In a little while, the fuss about the royal baby will go away, so I wouldn't worry.
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    I think you should go with George. I love the name George. A name is a name so I think you could name him anything you`d like. Just because the royal family named their baby George doesn`t mean you can`t name your little boy George. I also think Henry and George would be absolutely adorable!!

    but... just in case..
    I would do...
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    George is too classic to be associated with any one person, no matter how famous or infamous they are. There are plenty of other Georges in history your little George could be "named after" (George Washington, George Clooney, George Harrison, Curious George (LOL!), etc.) I don't think people will automatically assume you chose it because of the new prince. Or, if they do, it will only be for a little while - it's not an association he's going to be carrying around his whole life. If you're really concerned about it, though, you could always just flip the name around - Frederick George sounds just a good to my ear as George Frederick (although it may depend on how it flows with your last name).
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    Think of it this way, your whole life you may be explaining to people how you picked your son's name, and your story can either be

    "Well we wanted to name him George, but then Kate Middleton named her baby George, so we switched to _____"


    "We just really loved George. It was a little weird when Kate Middleton ended up using it too just a few months before our George was born, but that's life I guess"

    Which story is going to make you feel embarrassed about how much you care about what celebrities do? Personally, I'd much rather tell the second one.

    And I've never met a 30 year old William and wondered if his mom was obsessed with Diana.

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