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    Ugh. George was our frontrunner. What would you do?

    So my dilemma : We are due with Baby #2 in January and are not finding out the gender before the birthday. We have a 2 year old little boy who we call "Henry Oliver". We love the traditional names (obviously) and I don't really care about a more popular name - especially for boys.

    We are set on our girls name BUT for a boy we had picked George Frederick as our name and now I don't know if I want to have the same first name as the Royal prince.

    Even though I don't care about the popularity issue I just don't like the idea that we 'directly' copied the royal couple -- even if we didn't as we had this name picked for a while.

    If anyone has opinions on these three items I would really love to hear what you all think:
    1. Should we stick with George as a first name or seriously reconsider?
    2. Do you like George or is it a bad choice with the recent not so popular 'George Bush' and 'George Zimmerman' in US culture...
    2. If we do reconsider - what boy names would you pick as a nice sibset with "Henry Oliver".

    Thank you!

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    I like George, and it doesn't necessarily remind me of Bush or Zimmerman. It has too much history for modern associations to really stick in my mind too much. George is on my own list. For what it's worth, I wouldn't pair George with Frederick because the Weasley twins in Harry Potter are named Fred and George. Not sure if it would bother you, but I grew up reading the series so it's something I would always think about.

    With that said: If it is bothering you as much as it sounds like it is, then I would consider picking another name.


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    One of the best things about bestowing a classic, timeless name like George on a child is that there are literally hundreds of possible namesakes. The Prince of Cambridge, Bush, and Zimmerman are just three of a plethora of associations. I think it's beyond silly that people are taking George off of their list because of the prince. It's a wonderful, underused name (in the US at least) that absolutely deserves a popularity boost - assuming that the little prince's birth even influences the name's popularity in America. The idea that you could be seen as "copying" the royal couple is absurd. It's George, not Peregrine or Caradoc. All that said, George Frederick is so dashing. It's the perfect name for a brother to Henry Oliver.

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    I believe that if you truly love a name, you should use it! Henry and George would be a darling sibset to encounter! While there may be some negative associations with George, there are some great ones too (George Clooney, George Washington)! Like a PP mentioned, George has so much depth and history that it is not tied to any one person.
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    When you hear of a 30-some year old named William, do you think of the Prince? Probably not.

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