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    Definitely discuss with your doctor before making any decisions. My attitude is that it takes 9 months to grow a baby, and 9 months for your body to recover from it. Of course, another baby can be safely carried and given birth to straight after but I don't think its ideal.

    Your body nourished another person for 9 months in every way possible, and then went through the trauma of giving birth to that little person. Your body needs to recover and regroup.

    I would say minimum 9 months in my personal opinion but of course it'll be different for everyone.

    EDIT: I just realised your baby is only 2 weeks old! Definitely give yourself time to consider, I remember feeling really broody straight after having my older daughter but then I realised I just missed being pregnant and didn't actually want another baby. Your hormones are still crazy, you are likely still retaining fluid and your stomach muscles won't have even started going back into place yet. Intentionally getting pregnant now is not a good idea.
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    I can't speak to this as a mom since I'm not one, but my husband and his sister are 11 months apart (actually born in the same year of the Chinese calendar), so it is technically possible to get pregnant very soon after giving birth; however, every woman is different. Some women get their periods back quickly, while others take a long time to get their periods back, especially if they breastfeed. It's difficult to predict what your body will do.
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    My brother & I are 15m apart, and we were very close as kids. We played together like bear cubs. My mother said with the second one so close in age she had a difficult time breastfeeding (since her body didn't have time to recoup in between) & she ended up formula feeding my brother because her milk supply was too low. I would say in order for your body to recover from your last pregnancy you should wait an absolute minimum of 6 months until TTC. Doctors generally recommend at least 2 years between children. Plus if you want to receive maternity/parental benefits (at least in BC Canada) you need to accumulate a minimum of 600 work hours between children. In my workplace they will also "top up your pay" on top of your government benefits, but you need to return to work for a minimum of 1 year when your benefits end. Obviously if finances are not an issue for you that is not a concern, but if money is tight that is an aspect to consider.

    Usually it takes some time for your body to start ovulating again after childbirth anyway and if you do start getting your period again right away chances are you will not be on a regular cycle & it would be difficult to predict the best days to conceive. If you are not breastfeeding regularly and are lucky enough to have a baby that sleeps through the night you will probably get your period back within 3 months, but if you're breastfeeding exclusively and/or your baby wakes up constantly at night it can "hold off" your period for a much longer length of time. My SIL didn't start menstruating again for over a year. So I'd suggest you let your body, and your current baby determine when its best for you to TTC again.

    For myself, I have a 1 year old & am due again (possibly with twins) in around 5 months. I'm exhausted all the time. We were not TTC when we got pregnant this time, but I am excited to have my pregnancies close together, since I have such great memories from childhood having my little brother so close in age.

    Good luck, think about & list out all the pros & cons, & don't rush it until your body is really ready. Do what works best for you & your family.

    Congratulations on your little girl! Love the name- Estelle is a beautiful choice, I love to see little Stellas running around.
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    I agree with the other ladies. Also, it depends on whether or not you had a c-section, too. If you had a c-section, I believe they recommend to wait a year.
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    If you are breastfeeding, you probably won't return to fertility for at least six months or so. In the end, it depends on how your body handles pregnancy. If you had a smooth-sailing, no issue pregnancy the first time around, you might be find to conceive within a year. But I wouldn't want to go through morning sickness, sciatica, mood swings, etc while I still had an infant. I want kids fairly close together too, but I probably won't actively try to conceive until after a year.

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