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    Both of us were blonde as kids so assume any baby we had would be blonde, or maybe strawberry blonde.

    On my side everyone has curly hair, but on his it's all straight, so I don't know.

    He has brown eyes and I have greenish gray so I'd hope for my eyes, but it's doubtful since my dad's are brown too and so are both his parents.

    A boy with strawberry blond curls and gray eyes would be adorable!
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    Well I nailed it with my son, very fair with bright blue eyes, button nose, full lips, and the thing I asked for but didn't think I was going to get: blonde curly hair. As for the next one, I'm not sure. I picture a girl with soft light brown/dishwater blonde hair, blue-green eyes and her brother/fathers adorable button nose. I can't actually picture another boy even though I have a feeling that that is what we will get. My son keeps asking for a sister, but my mother always tells me we will have 2 boys. We'll see how it goes!

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    Well, before DS' arrival, I would have assumed he would have looked more like DH (dark hair, green eyes, olive complexion). I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. DS ended up with blonde hair, blue eyes, and olive complexion. He is only a year so I would bet money on the fact that his hair will darken, but I was overjoyed he did not have my skin. Yay that he can spend more than two minutes out in sunlight without getting a sunburn.
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    My husband and I both have brown hair yet we have two blonde kids. Genetics can surprise you!
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    I imagined my baby having my husband's curly red hair and my big brown eyes. (My husband has blue eyes with flecks of green and brown. I have light brown hair, but it was blonde when I was baby - it just gets a little darker every year.) She was born with dark brown hair (it stood up on her head like a mohawk - so funny!) and blue eyes so dark they were almost purple. Both of our moms have dark hair, so that wasn't really shocking, but I still had expected red or blonde. I read at one point that babies' eyes never get lighter, only darker, so we figured hers were going to change to brown.

    Welp...we were wrong! Her dark hair started growing out auburn, it was so pretty...and then it all fell out. She has strawberry blonde curls now, it looks like a perfect mixture of my hair as a baby + my husband's hair. And her eyes are SO blue! Both my mom and my husband's dad have very striking blue eyes (my mom's are like blue jeans and his dad's are pale cornflower blue), but hers are different than both of theirs. They're light in the middle with a very dark ring around the outside, but pure blue, no flecks like her dad's.

    Honestly, there is really no way to predict, even if you take into account what you learned in high school bio class about dominant and recessive traits (a lot of that is way over-simplified anyway - if it were true, my husband would have dark hair and eyes and tan skin like his Hispanic mother, but he's the most Irish-looking person ever!). It is fun to think about, though! I was actually imagining this evening when I was giving my daughter a bath what her future siblings might look like. I can't help imagining a little boy looking just like my husband as a child. I imagined a second girl looking very much like Maura, but with dark hair. Brigid just sounds like a girl with dark hair to me, I guess.
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