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    I already have three boys so I have and idea what my furture children will look like. My husband has short black hair, bright blue eyes and tanned skin. I have dark brown hair, green eyes and tanned skin. Caleb and Noah are identical so both look like their daddy. Thomas looks like me. His hair started out really really like blonde which was a bit of a surprise but my sister did have dirty blonde hair till she was about two. Thomas's hair started getting darker after about six months and is currently dark brown but I think it could go even dark and maybe turn black like his brothers'.
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    Well my current boyfriend has pale skin, green eyes and dark hair. And i have pale skin, mid-brown hair naturally and blue eyes. But one of the grand-daddys has quite dark olive skin so that would be a possibilty perhaps? I would prefer pale skin like me and him and his darker hair, either blue or green eyes would be fine. Either wavy or curly hair would be brilliant! mine is so damn straight even if people say it's nice ......
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    i thought my oldest boy would have dark hair and blue eyes, but he has dirty blonde wavy hair and blue eyes, and tanned skin (maybe it will go dark) and i thought my second son would look much the same as my brother sister and i are almost identical, but instead he has very curly almost brown hair and dark brown eyes, with pale skin.

    they are both very handsome though

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    I have straight/slightly wavy blonde hair and eyes that change color from light blue-deep blue-light green-dark green-yellow/grey. My boyfriend (who I am NOT ttc with lol, I'm 15 and saving "it" for marriage) has wavy dark brown hair and grey/blue eyes. We both have fair complexions.
    I imagine my kids with either blonde hair and grey/blue eyes or with caramel brown hair and blue eyes (like my BF's ENTIRE family but him), or with dark brown hair and deep blue eyes.

    Cool to think about

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    My mom and I have very similar traits so if I have a daughter I think she will probably look like me or my mom. I was basically bald till I was 18 months and and when my hair did start growing it was very light brown, almost blonde. But as I got older it started coming in thick and curly and brown, and has continued to get darker over time. I have pretty pale skin so I hope that I marry someone with nice olive skin so that they don't burn to a crisp in the sun! I also have dimples which I didn't like growing up but I think they are adorable on little kids...especially little boys! My eyes don't ever really stay one colour. Sometimes they are blue and turn a greenish grey but they always have like a yellowish ring aroung the pupil that people say is cool. lol As for what a boy would look like, I have no idea! There are practically no boys in my family so I can't really compare to anyone.

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