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    I've thought about this a bit, there's thing I'd love to have, things that will probably happen, and things I wish would happen haha.
    He has really really straight, thick, dark brown, if not black hair, with a naturally tanned skintone, and hazel eyes. I'm SUPPPPPER pale, with hazel eyes (more green then burnt orange), and thick, straight, light brown hair. We both have fairly defined facial features, and 'family' noses. I'm really curious to see what nose they all get!
    Our kids will very likely have brown hair, and hazel/green eyes, I hope they get their fathers skin tone, but my complexion. There's a chance our kids could end up with curly hair, and I would love it if their hair had at least a slight wave, because mine is just so pin straight it doesn't even like holding curls. My brothers all also have standard brown hair and hazel eyes. He has no siblings to compare to. However my nephew is white blonde, with bright blue eyes still at 1 year old, (Both parents have dark features!) and my father had platinum blonde hair as a child. It's SO hard to say how those genetic dice will roll! The family I used to nanny for had dark featured parents, one dark featured son, and the other was so fair, blonde and blue eyed, but looks EXACTLY like a picture of a great great aunt from 100 years ago! My Fiance looks more like his grandmother and second cousin than either parent too!
    I would love to have children with thick, chocolate brown hair, preferably with straight or wavy hair, green eyes, and a slightly tanned skintone, no verdict on which nose will be better yet

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    Well I have brown hair and hazel eyes (more green than brown) and my husband has auburn hair and brown eyes. I was very blonde as a kid but hubby was not.

    Cato is only a year old so his hair will most likely darken to my color of hair (its blonde like mine was). He also has blue eyes (which I also had)...those may either stay blue or turn my hazel color...I can't see them turning Hubby's basically he is like me for the most part

    For the next one..if its a boy I'm hoping for an identical hubby..auburn hair, brown eyes. That way we have an identical me and him

    If its a girl I'm hoping for auburn hair and hazel eyes...that would be pretty
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    I have medium brown wavy hair, light brown eyes and pale skin that tans well to an olive-y tan. SO has dark brown curly hair, dark brown eyes and tan skin (he is half Puerto Rican). I can't imagine that our kids will have anything other than brown hair and brown eyes (there is a very very small possibility we could have a blue eyed kid). And hopefully they will get their skin from one of us and not the recessive pale Irish skin from my mom's side. I would love to have curly haired children as well, which is highly possible.

    Either way, they will be adorable
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    With me, I'm such a genetic hodgepodge I had no idea what to expect. I'm pregnant now with our second, and we don't know what the gender will be, so its kinda fun guessing what this little one will look like.

    I have chocolate brown hair that is long with spiral curls. My eyes are brown as well, but change from a dark coffee to a medium chocolate, and sometimes a bit of gold, depending on my mood. Dark olive brown skin.

    My hubby has sandy brown/blonde hair (he was a tow head as a baby) with grey blue eyes. Very very white skin with a bit of pink

    Our DD, was a total mishmash. She has a combination of my husbands strong Norwegian bone structure and my large french/american indian eyes. She has my curls, but a shade lighter, full of red and some blond highlights (very chestnut). Her skin is now a very very light olive, but at birth was very very white with rosy cheeks and a rosebud smile. But the best feature, her large eyes, just like my own in shape, are a true hazel. They become green when she cries, but mostly waver between a golden brown and a blue/gray edged gold green. Stunning.

    In my own family, my mom has golden brown/hazel eyes, auburn brown hair, and light olive skin. Her three siblings, all of them with the same two parents, had Blonde hair, blue eyes and white skin (older sister), Brown hair, green eyes, olive tone skin (older brother) and red hair, blue eyes, white white skin so pale she burns to the point of being allergic (baby sister). The ethnic combo for my mom was French Canadian/Native American for her mom, and "Black" Irish for her father.

    So just based on my own history, this baby can look like anything.But I think it would be fun to have a chocolate colored little boy with blonde hair and his sister's hazel eyes.

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    Well Astoria has blonde hair and blue eyes, Matteo has brown curly hair and brown eyes, Reverie has brown curly hair and blue eyes and so far we think Juniper is going to be brunette, and her eyes are getting bluer.

    I am naturally blonde and my husband has short brown curly hair so I can see where they get it from, really. My eyes are brown and my husbands are blue so it all makes sense in some way!
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