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    Help with finding baby girl name

    Hello everyone , I need help finding name for my baby girl. I am due any time now but still no name decided. My 2 older girls like the name, Jasmin Lily, Sophia Lily. What do you think? Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Here are a few combos that I think would go nicely with your sibset:

    Arianna Sophia
    Cassandra Lily
    Daphne Corinne
    Adeline Lillian
    Laurel Renee

    Hope this helps you out!

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    I'm not a fan of Jasmin but I really love Sophia. If the popularity doesn't bother you, then go for it. I also love the suggestions posted above!

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    I prefer Sophia Lily. Jasmine is a flower, as is Lily... so Jasmine Lily sounds like an herbal tea blend, or you're just listing flower names. @stormshine gave some great suggestions... Love Daphne, Laurel, and Adeline. Also, Maeve, Jessamine, Noemi, Naomi, Valeria, Rosalie, Miriam, Eveline/ Evelyn, Pearl, Penelope, Oriana, Blair, Imogen, Genevieve, Georgiana, Tamsin, Teagan, Adelaide, Lorelei, Cressida, Camilla, and Carolina are all options...
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    Sophia Lily is lovely and if you're looking for something with similar sounds there are: Josephine Lily, Fiona Lily, Sonia Lily, Seraphina Lily.

    I agree with pp regarding Jasmin Lily but I think you could get away with the related Jessamine Lily if you like Jessamine. Jessamine is a French form of Jasmine but with the sound overlap with Jessica and Minnie that's not the first thing people will think of, to avoid the two flower issue.

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