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    I love them both. I think you and I have similar taste. I have one daughter named Alice, one named Mary ("Molly") and one named Jane. I think Alice Jane is a very sweet combination and I like that you can use both her first and middle named like a double-barreled first name. They sound nice when said out loud together and Janie gives you an additional nickname that you can use. I think Alice Jane has a slightly better flow than Alice Mary, but if Mary has a special meaning to you then now would be a good time to change her middle name. But I think both combinations are lovely so you really can't go wrong with either of them.

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    Alice or Mary dillema

    Thank you for all your feedback on my troubles regarding staying with Alice Jane or changing to Mary Alice/Alice Mary. I appreciate your thoughtful words. I wonder if Mary Alice Jane would work? My sister loves the idea of Mary Alice Elizabeth which I also think is pretty, but maybe a little bit long.

    All in all, I am leaning toward Mary Alice so I can have my Mary and the kids can have their Alice. I wonder if Mary Alice is a little too "southern" sounding (we live on the west coast) but I would just use one name and nothing double-barrelled.

    If I kept Alice Jane, I would try to use that name together because I like it better that way for some reason.

    Anyhow, thanks for all your nice thoughts. If anyone else has any opinions, I'd love to hear them.

    Thanks very much!

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    Oh I can so relate to you! Such a tough feeling to be so in love with that sweet baby & so confused on her name!
    Here's my 2 cents
    I just read your last reply so.... I think whether you stick with Alice Jane or change it-you have such beautiful options you really can't go wrong!!
    Alice Mary Jane or Mary Alice would be so perfect & I don't think of Mary Alice or Alice Mary as "southern" sounding, but more old-fashioned vintage (in a great way!)
    Best of luck to you!!!

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    I prefer Alice Jane to Mary Alice but they are both lovely. Good luck!

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    Alice Jane is perfect! I much prefer Alice as a first name as opposed to Mary. If anything, I would add Mary to the middle, Alice Mary Jane.

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