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    Alice Jane is a beautiful name! Mary Alice reads senior citizen to me. Allie or Allie Jane work well as nicknames. I personally would leave it, but if it is really bothering you, then just do it! Maybe try out calling here Alice Mary or Mary Alice for a week and see how it feels.

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    Alice Jane is lovely. I would keep it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ellamarie View Post
    I felt pressured to pick a name for our perfect new baby in the hospital. I feel incredibly embarrassed and dumb for not understanding that I could have thought about it longer, but it is what it is. So, I decided on Alice Jane. I like the meaning of the names, I like the flow. Since we've been home, the name hasn't felt right. I keep thinking about how I should have used the family name Mary instead. My other children really want to call the baby Allie though, so the Alice has to stay. I can't really change her birth certificate--I can only ammend it, so she will always have Alice as a part of her. So, I have been debating over and over whether I should change her name to include the Mary so I can call her Mary? I have lot of positive associations with the name Mary. Or, should I just keep it as Alice Jane and call her Allie/Alice Jane/Janie and just get over it. I love this sweet baby very much and I worry she would be mad at me for being a lunatic about her name. I have had a hard time with post-partum this time around, but am not feeling so anxious now, so I need to make a decision and move on. It's really expensive to ammend a birth certificate in the state where I live and I'm a little nervous to do it....I'm not sure why. Anyhow, I just want to put this behind me eventually. I think the name I give this little girl is really important--it's going to be a part of her for her whole life.

    Anyhow, does anyone have any advice? I am hoping this is a safe place to post where people will be kind.

    Bottom line:
    Alice Jane?
    Alice Mary?

    I could also do Mary Alice...Does that sound southern? (not a bad thing, just something I'm wondering....)

    Our last name sounds like Smithson, so it would be like Mary Alice Smithson or Alice Jane Smithson or Alice Mary Smithson.
    I LOVE Mary Alice. Have you thought of Mary Jane? That would also sound nice!
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    What about Alice Mary-Jane?
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    I'd keep it! I think you have picked a great name and don't need to criticize yourself for not doing it differently. I personally think J. is a great middle initial. My dad and husband both use their middle initial in formal settings so I always think about how the middle initial will work and J. is almost always awesome. Alice J. Smithson. For me there is a bit of a slur with Alice M. Smithson and I prefer Alice J. Not a deal breaker of course but since you already have named her Alice J. I'd say keep it.

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