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    Practical Magic - Round out my girls' list?

    (I apologize in advance for the lengthy post.)

    I don't know why boys' names/combos come so easily to me (with the exception of Caspian) and girls' names are such a struggle. I'd really love to have a solid top five for each gender, but my girls' list is kind of a mess. I'm solid on Alice Willow and Lucia Pearl. I'm wavering between Ophelia Fawn and Ophelia Wren. And my Evie ideas are all over the place, although the current front-runner is Evelyn. I haven't even begun to tackle the Evie middles yet.

    Actually, I do know why girls' names are so hard for me! My personal style, especially for girls, is so fantastical, ethereal, whimsical, over-the-top – the Magic. My husband's style is more conservative. He insists that he doesn't want a "normal" name, just something that he considers usable on an actual child. He says he likes most of my GP names in theory but they're too much in reality – the Practical. Trying to marry the two styles and find that perfect balance – the Practical Magic – is what gets my feathers all ruffled. I just can't seem to rein myself in and be content with the results!

    What I need is that perfect number five, something I can just say YES to. Something that evokes the magical imagery that makes me happy, and strikes the familiar chord that satisfies my hubby. Something that works with Alice, Lucia, Ophelia and Evie (Evelyn?).

    I've considered the following options, but none are just screaming I'M THE ONE:

    --Pros: magical, wintery, crisp…immediately makes me think of the Nutcracker, thus ballet and Christmas
    --Cons: Clarabelle Cow And would definitely be a winter baby only name for me.

    --Pros: romantic, fits in the sibset…brings to mind Shakespeare and the Emilie Autumn song
    --Cons: I loathe the name Julie, partly because I knew a really petty bitchy girl by that name. If light, delicate Juliet got shortened to Julie, I would die.

    --Pros: one of the few goddess names that is short (which my husband likes), simple, and intuitively pronounced, while still conveying regalia and power…I see wolves and snow and piercing grey eyes
    --Cons: for some reason, I don't think she fits in the sibset for me. Lucy and Freya? Alice and Freya? Freya and Evie? I just can't see it :-|

    --Pros: feels elven and ethereal, love the nature meaning, my husband actually likes it!
    --Cons: I just haven't fallen for it the way I want to…considered Elowen V--- as a way to get to Evie, but it just didn't take. And I'm not sure I want two E names back to back.

    As you can see, I'm in a rut. Help! Give me all the practically magical suggestions you can think of, tell me what names fit with the other firsts in my sibset, sell me on one of my lukewarm options….something. @_@

    Thank you for being good enough to read all this! Berries are the best. <3
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    Alice Willow ~ Ophelia Wren ~ Juliet Snow ~ Lucia Pearl ~ Eve Wisteria nn Evie ~ Cosima Rose ~ River Seraphine ~ Elowen Briar

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    Orion Melchior North, Tobias Loki, Edmund, Frost, Oberon, Kenshin, Remiel, Atreyu

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