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    Top Names: Benedict Calvin & Noelle Geneva
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    I rather like Freya with your other girls names. I particularly like Freya and Alice. They seem like practical magic sisters. Freya hits a perfect balance of "normal" but magical.
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    sorceress - You think Alice and Freya go together? Hm...I guess I always looked at it like Alice belongs in that vintage-y sort of sibset and Freya is so distinctly mythological. I like your pairings, but unfortunately Illyria and Orion are firmly on the GP list, courtesy of Hubby veto power.

    vch - See above, I always thought Freya clashed in style with the other names. As for Juliet getting shortened to Julie or even Jules, unfortunately I've seen it happen...and that would just absolutely kill the name for me.

    dantea - Do you think Freya and Ophelia share too many sounds? I LOVE Soraya...she was on my shortlist for a middle for Alice, but Hubby vetoed the entire list, including Sora Thalia, Phaedra, Avalon, Fauna, and all of the Silvie's are magical! I love the look, sound, and feel of Phaedra, but I hesitate because her myth is so violently tragic. Avalon was vetoed by Hubby's "no place names" rule ::sulks:: Fauna is an interesting idea if I go with Ophelia Wren. Hubs actually loves Isadora, but we have a friend named Isa so he won't use it. I do like your Evie suggestions, especially Genevieve. Thanks so much!!

    Rhia - wow, I love your description of Elowen! I'm definitely adding some points to her column after that. I just don't know what I would pair her with...the only V names I seem to like are Vashti (adore this name but concerned about the reaction from friends and family...some people consider her a Biblical "bad girl"), Victoria (only tentatively like this name. It's too popular and I have an acquaintance with this name so it could be awkward), Viola (too musical instrument?) / Violet (too common?) / Violette (too French for Hubby to handle?), and Vivienne (complicated personal reasons why this could be a bad idea). It's just so problematic @_@
    I actually love most of your suggestions! Luna, Evangeline, and Avonlea are on my GP list (darn that Hubby veto power!), we know an Anastasia, a Fiona, an Aurora/Rory, and a Faye, so those unfortunately won't work. Phoebe is an intriguing idea, I never really considered her before! Do you think she's too similar to Ophelia? Same with Odessa. Lyra is actually one of the only three names my husband has ever voluntarily suggested AND Philip Pullman's trilogy is in my top five booklist...but I have not been able to fall for the name! I want to so badly, but all I hear is "liar" You have given me some really great suggestions though! Thank you!

    boyandgirl - Thanks! I agree

    reesespieces - I really want Evie to have a full name to back her up. I know some people really go for the the nickname vibe, but I'm always drawn to long, elaborate, feminine's my husband who likes them short! For me, Evie on her own is not enough, I would always assume it was a nickname for something else. Thank you for your suggestions! Oceania is gorgeous and thoroughly magical, but Hubs will never go for it.

    seazuno - Thanks! Cosette is adorable, but I have trouble picturing her as a grown woman. Esme and Rhea are cute, and I actually really love Thea from your signature. Do you pronounce it THEE-ah or TAY-ah?

    redwoodfey - Oh, it drives me CRAZY when that happens! I have a new laptop and the touchpad is like an inch to the left from what I'm used I keep hitting it with my wrist when I type, resulting in all manner of wacky doings. I feel your pain!
    Thank you so much for the analysis! It great of you to take the boys' names into account, I don't know why I didn't do that this time around. You're right, Juliet is too risky given my loathing for Julie, and Clara is rather meek next to Zion and Gideon. Freya is the exact opposite, perfect with the boys and a little jarring with the girls. I need something to bridge the gap, and Elowen seems to be perfect with both...but there's the whole Evie issue to consider.
    I loved reading your suggestion list! They are definitely more magical than practical...Eirwen, Fairuza, Lysandra, Corisande, and Nimue are my favorites, especially the latter two. I think Nimue could potentially fit, especially since I could say she's honoring my sister would just be a matter of convincing Hubby. I doubt I could get away with Corisande...but she's made of epic win, and Cora does work well with the other girls' names. Viola is one I've considered because of the Shakespearean connection, but I'm concerned that she's too associated with the musical instrument. I've actually never considered Bianca, Rhiannon, or Tressa...I'll have to mull these over. Bianca does have the Shakespeare link, a Rhiannon authored one of my favorite books and Rhia is a cute nickname, and Tressa is just pretty and fun to say. I love River from your Evie list! It adds another layer of awesome, a la Firefly. Thanks for the fantastic ideas!

    thatkathryngirl - I'm hoping Clarabelle Cow is not as familiar to today's kids as she was to my generation. I have heard Juliet shortened to Julie and the thought just makes me cringe. I think I'm going to let that option go. I do prefer Evie as a nickname for something longer, as explained above, but I appreciate your feedback!

    kala_way - ooh Clara Fawn is darling! And I do love Evelyn Fae...maybe with this spelling it won't seem as much like we're using the name of an acquaintance?

    dindlee - After reading everyone's feedback, Freya is definitely growing on me, especially with Alice. I'll have to mull it over some more.

    Thank you everyone for your feedback and suggestions! I always feel better when I know the Berries are on the case, because it's sure to result in some great ideas!
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    Juliet: Really like. So pretty.
    Clara: Like. Have never heard of Clarabelle Cow. Clara Barton is a great namesake.
    Elowen: Love "wen" names and this is a wonderful choice but am tired of "E" names right now; half of the babies I know lately have been given "E" names.
    Freya - Dislike, not exactly sure why. Just seems odd, not a fan of "F" names.

    I agree Genevieve is beautiful. You could use "Jenna" to satisfy your husband, or Neve is my preferred nn.

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    First, I don't think Juliet will be shortened to Julie. I know a few Juliets that just go by Juliet, no nickname at all. I think you'd be fine! And a lot of people wouldn't just assume a nickname anyway, so you could just tell them that it's "just Juliet" if they do.

    How about Evelina for Evie? I think it's practical, but has a magical sound to it, and Evie as a nickname makes it even more practical.

    I think you could get away with the more "impractical" choices as middle names. For example Alice Illyria would be wonderful!


    Eira ▹ Or Gwyneira?
    Arianwen ▹ nickname of Ari, Winnie, Annie?
    Gwendolen ▹ nickname of Gwen, Dolly, Wendy?
    BelleAlice and Belle would be so cute together!

    Oh, and I think Alice and Freya go wonderfully together! They're very "British" imo
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