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Thread: Siblings Names

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    Siblings Names

    Hi guys. Quick Question: Is it wrong to name your children all with the same first letter? Currently, I am pregnant with twin boys. (Due October 18th). I would really like to have their names start with the same letter, not too matchy though. I am planning on having more children. (At least 4). I was just wondering if they will have "identity issues" because they all have the same letters. For instance, I grew up in a family of Kevin, Christopher, Kaytlyn, Kaytlinn, and Keeley. (yes, you read it right there were two Kaytlyn's). I didn't feel like I didn't have my own identity. But I want my kids to have that closeness I share with my siblings because of it. Is that wrong to do? - Thanks Kaytlyn

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    Of course you felt like you didn't have your own identity! You didn't! Two Kaytlyn's are one too many. Now I don't believe that having the same first initial would have any really detrimental effects on siblings if their names were entirely different, with just the first letter being in common, for example Wyatt, William, and Wren would make a great sib-set, because their first initial ties them together but doesn't clump them up in confusion. It's really a matter of personal taste.
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    I wouldn't do it, but I don't have any issue with it. If you like it, and think that it would encourage closeness among your children, go for it. However, I am of the mind that the name is seperate from the personality/identity and that your children won't be LESS close for not sharing the same letter.
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    Opinions on this vary widely. I personally wouldn't do it, but there are lots of people who would. Just comes down to personal preference

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    I don't like the same initial pattern but that's my preference. I don't think it would make siblings any closer. Closeness depends on a number of things the parents raise them, personality traits as well as the gap between the siblings etc... If you decide the use the same letter for all of your children, I would advise you to (1) choose a letter with loads of options you love (one of my favourite letters is "A") and (2) don't make them too matchy in sound. I've always thought that choosing the same initials for all siblings tends to be too constraining and limits your name choices a great deal.
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