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    Picking Baby Name #3 is hard! Help.

    We seemed to have it easy for our first two. We had selected a boy and girl name before our first was born. He was a boy and so we used our same girl name with DD came along 18 months later.

    Right now we have children named:
    Kage Breccan and Ember Sun

    Choosing a name for this little girl is killing me. We can't seem to agree on anything. We like names not in the top 1000 list, but not so far out there that people have to ask twice about it.

    My DD's middle name (Sun) is my MIL's first name (she is Korean). I would love to honor my own mom this time by using one of her names (probably a variation of them since I don't totally love them). My mom is Jeanne Marguerite.

    Any ideas or thoughts? We kind of like Jayna, Janie, Jaina, or Jennet as a variation of Jeanne.

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