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  • Primrose

    22 37.29%
  • Phoebe

    18 30.51%
  • Clementine

    19 32.20%
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    Primrose, Phoebe or Clementine?


    I'm back again with yet more options. I have a ds called Eli.

    I have a thing for P names but also love the country vibe of Clementine, although my reservation is that it doesn't have gret nicknames.

    Phoebe I just love and the nn Bee, but my reservation here as I have said before is that it is incredibly popular in England (although I'm in Ireland where it s not popular it is till close to home).

    Primrose is a recent love, I love the prim and proper vibe it gives, it pounds happy and I love the nn Prim, Primmie nd Posy. Although it may seem weird in other counties, it is not unheard of over our way!

    So Berries, I'm handing it over to you. Can I have your thoughts on these names and also what vibe/feeling you get from each name!

    Thanks in advance x

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    Gosh I must read back over things before I post....a lot of letters missing there!!

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    From what you said, I voted for Clementine. If you're afraid Phoebe is too popular for you, I would err on the side of caution, and I'm personally not a fan of Primrose at all. It makes me think of a very strict schoolteacher. By the way, I think the nn Emmy would be really cute with Clementine.

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    Primrose feels very tight-laced to me. Phoebe is sweet, but to me it's just a little too sweet. So that leaves Clementine, which is a name I love. At first I didn't like it because of the no nickname problem, but then someone suggested Minnie which I love. Emmy is another good nickname.

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    I love Primrose & Phoebe. I could take or leave Clementine tbh. I'm from AUS and Primrose works well here too.. No one would think twice about it, very pretty name and the NN Prim is adorable

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