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    May 2013

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    Oct 2012
    Ohio USA

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    Jul 2013
    DH: Thomas Clarence "Tom"
    DW: Sylvia Josephine

    DD1: Valerie Margaret
    -- DH: Glenn David
    - DS: Bryce Alexaner
    - DS: Dalton Spencer
    - DD: Madeleine Claire "Maddie"
    - DD: Alexis Brooke "Lexi"
    - DS: Brady Samuel

    DS1: John Anthony
    -- DW: Lorelei Dawn "Lor"
    - DD: Caroline Isabelle
    - DD: Sophie Katherine
    - DS: Gabriel Matthew "Gabe"

    DD2: Julia Charlotte
    -- DH: Brian Christopher
    - DD: Cecily Elizabeth
    - DS: Henry Douglas
    - DS: Gideon Zachary
    - DD: Lucy Emmeline

    DS2: George Adrian
    -- DW: Laura Adele
    - DS: JMaxwell Christian "Max"
    - DD: Adelaide Clara "Adie"
    - DD: Sadie Frances

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    Feb 2013
    LN: Brooks

    DH: Thomas William Brooks
    DW: Anna Grace Brooks

    Thomas, Anna, Rosie, Jamie, Charlotte, and George

    DD1: Rose Margaret Brooks McKinnon
    -- DH: Joseph Henry McKinnon
    - DS: James Marcus McKinnon
    - DS: Jesse Andrew McKinnon
    - DD: Madeleine Claire McKinnon
    - DD: Brooke Violet McKinnon
    - DS: Samuel Timothy McKinnon

    Rosie, Joseph, James, Jesse, Maddie, Brooke, and Samuel

    DS1: James John Brooks
    -- DW: Chloe Salome Camp Brooks
    - DD: Caroline Stella Brooks
    - DD: Sophie Katherine Brooks
    - DS: Matthew Peter Brooks

    Jamie, Chloe, Caroline, Sophie, and Matthew

    DD2: Charlotte Teresa Brooks Brantner
    -- DH: Sean Brian Brantner
    - DD: Elizabeth Helene Brantner
    - DS: Henry George Brantner
    - DS: Gideon Frederick Brantner
    - DD: Maeve Emmeline Brantner

    Charlotte, Sean, Elizabeth, Henry, Gideon, and Maeve

    DS2: George Vincent Brooks
    -- DW: Harper Margot Kendrick Brooks
    - DS: Nicholas Bradley Brooks
    - DD: Adelaide Elle Brooks
    - DD: Sadie Lily Brooks

    George, Harper, Nick, Addie, and Sadie

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    Feb 2013
    DH: Eric William McKinnon
    DW: Anna Grace McKinnon

    Eric, Anna, Victoria, Cam, Tess, and Evan McKinnon

    DD1: Victoria Rose McKinnon Camp
    -- DH: Patrick Joseph Camp
    - DS: Marcus Alexander Camp
    - DS: Spencer Jesse Camp
    - DD: Madeleine Margot Camp
    - DD: Alexis Gabrielle Camp
    - DS: Carter Sebastian Camp

    Victoria, Patrick, Marcus, Spencer, Maddie, Lexi, and Carter Camp

    DS1: Cameron William McKinnon
    -- DW: Chloe Alessandra Daniels McKinnon
    - DD: Molly Caroline McKinnon
    - DD: Sophie Sydney McKinnon
    - DS: Gabriel Matthew McKinnon

    Cam, Chloe, Molly, Sophie, and Gabriel McKinnon

    DD2: Teresa Felicity McKinnon Ellison
    -- DH: Jason Owen Ellison
    - DD: Rosalind Juliet Ellison
    - DS: Henry Edward Ellison
    - DS: Flynn Frederick Ellison
    - DD: Emmeline Maeve Ellison

    Tess, Jason, Rosie, Henry, Flynn, and Emme Ellison

    DS2: Evan Casey McKinnon
    -- DW: Olivia Guinevere Spath McKinnon
    - DS: Bradley Hugo McKinnon
    - DD: Maya Elle McKinnon
    - DD: Leah Lily McKinnon

    Evan, Olivia, Bradley, Maya, and Leah McKinnon

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