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    What are your opinions on unisex names?

    My ex and I have both written lists of names that we like, and we know I'm having a girl. I noticed that some names most known as being boys names were on both our lists, such as Rowan, Dexter and Warren. I quite like the name Warren for a girl, Ren (wren) as a nickname, and I was thinking of Felix and Flynn, but the man hates them because they're cat names, apparently. What do you think about naming a girl a boys name, and do you have any other suggestions that you think would fit?

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    Please do not name a girl Dexter or Warren or Felix. Rowan is a nice unisex name but the others are boys name and sorry to be blunt but on meeting a girl named anyone of those I'd assume her parents actually wanted a boy and couldn't be bothered to think of a different name for her! (harsh maybe but true). My boys have unisex names and I have no problem with meeting female versions of them. But a girl named Henry etc. just makes me cringe. I'd suggest you focus on truly unisex names - there are plenty of them. A few examples I can think of now: Vale, Flynn, Darby, Briar, Morgan, Casey, Taylor, Aubrey, Frances/Francis, Robin, Sydney/Sidney. Another option is girls names that are less feminine and flowery sounding: eg. Maude, Esther, Rachel, Ingrid, Imelda, Harriet etc. Or girls names with boyish nicknames: Georgina/ George, Alexandra/Alex etc. I hope that is helpful and constructive.

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    Oh god, not this again...
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    Flynn, Rowan and Wren are the only names on your list that could work for a girl. Dexter, Felix and Warren are boys names, not unisex names. jessiea has listed some good options for you. I particularly like Aubrey, Briar, Darby and Morgan. I agree that a nicer idea would be to choose a girls name with a boyish nickname.
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    I'm not a fan of unisex names. I like feminine names that don't leave anyone guessing whether it's a boy our girl. Warren for a girl is extremely masculine. If you like Wren, it would be better to name your daughter Wren in my opinion. Chances of her ever going by Warren are slim to none, so why not just go with Wren from the get go? Rowan or Wren out of your list are good choices for a girl.

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