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    I actually love Jade for a boy. Rebel, Onyx, Royal, and Dragon would work in the middle, but there's waaay too much potential for unfortunate irony when used as firsts.
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    Jade- I have heard of many male Jade's over the years and as my sister's middle name, its on my middle name list as a unisex name.
    Dragon- So cool and My friend's Boyfriend is called Dragan- he is from Croatia. I would pick Pendragon.
    Optimus Prime- Made more brilliant by the fact you have thought of a 'normal' nick name.
    Lucifer- i dont think its a bad idea because of any religious reason i just dont like names that sound like lucy, but its not my child. I would pick Calcifer.
    Rebel & Onyx are great names for boys or girls, I dont care about conforming to gender norms. I want to call my little girl Nigh, a word name that sounds like the welsh boys name Nye short for Aneurin. Short sweet and meaning 'Near' & 'Close'
    Love your list
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    There is no such thing as a "girl colour" or a "boy colour" and gender roles are entirely a societal concept and easy to ignore. Please don't name your son female names because of this strange idea of gendered colours.

    Lucifer is the name of Satan and as such, will set your child up as evil and anti-Christianty. Which is not so fine for school since it will paint a target on his back. Memes will not protect him from schoolyard arguments and teasings. Try Lucien or Lucius.

    Onyx and Royal are nice.

    No comment on Dragon (try Draco or Drogon), Rebel, or Optimus Prime. Although I disapprove.
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    Dragon---Would be kind of a joke.
    Jade--Sounds a little girly.
    Royal--Not okay
    Onyx--Not bad, but I wouldn`t go for it.
    Lucifer--Sounds like a name for your dog.
    Amber--Totally a girl`s name.
    Rebel--Sounds like trouble
    Optimus Prime--Seriously?? I mean...SERIOUSLY???
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