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    Guilty Pleasure List

    While I don't have a guilty pleasure list for girls, I do have one for boys. Maybe it's because I'm caught up in brave girl's names, or that I tend towards 'normal' ones; or maybe I just think that awesome little boys need awesome names. Like,

    Dragon -- Becuase DRAGON.
    Jade -- Green is not a girl's color. Rocks are not girly. Jade is not inherently feminine in the sound. This should not be a problem.
    Royal -- It just sounds GOOD. And it's pretentious. And I like that.
    Onyx -- Onyx is BLACK. And SHINY.
    Lucifer -- The dark side has cookies. Yes, that is my entire argument.
    Amber -- Not a girl color. According to Jurassic Park, may contain dinosaur DNA.
    Rebel -- I don't care if I'm asking for it. This is cool.
    Optimus Prime -- We could call him TIMMY!

    Is there anything glaringly WRONG with these? Aside from the whole 'I can't take a guy named Dragon seriously' thing. Until vetoed by hypothetical father, I intend to keep them on the table.

    And also, suggestions for names that I'd think are AWESOME but probably never use?
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    Dragon -- the child would be a joke, if you wanna push boundaries try Draco.
    Jade -- its a girl name, too many girl connotations.
    Royal -- its like Diamond or Princess or Experience are for girls - trying too hard to elevate you child's status or future somehow by a name.
    Onyx -- only viable option, new and fresh, not used or completely trendified by Hollywood.
    Lucifer -- lovely as God's favorite angel. but he gave all that up because he was selfish, the child would be a joke. try Lucien.
    Amber -- definitely a girl color, definitely a girl name.
    Rebel -- trendy Hollywood wannabe.
    Optimus Prime -- the child would be a MAJOR joke. even Optimus would not approve.

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    Dragon -- Becuase DRAGON. I dould not do it, but I would applaud anyone who would
    Jade -- Even so kid would be teased and mistaken for a girl.
    Royal --I think aside from the whole Royalty thing, I think Royal Oaks Charcoal, sorry
    Onyx --I like it!
    Lucifer -- I cannot go there, sorry even with cookies
    Amber -- Too set as a girl name
    Rebel -- I like this too.
    Optimus Prime -- I could not go there.! Imagine Optimus Prime on a job application.

    Annicus! One of my daughters friends just named her son this and is taking a lot of flak for it, but I really like it.
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    I actually don't really have a problem with much of anything on your list :P

    Dragon -- This is one I don't like. I know you don't want to hear it, but I wouldn't take him seriously. Drake, Draco...I know a Drakken (drake-en)
    Jade -- I have absolutely no problem with this. I know a male Jade and he's perfectly well adjusted and never gets flack for his name. There was also a male Jade on So You Think You Can Dance this year. Plus, Jay for a nickname if it's too much for him
    Royal -- I actually know a Royal. His sister's Penny. I don't personally like these sorts of names, but I don't think there's a problem with it. He goes by Ro (row) sometimes
    Onyx -- Again, not my type, but there's nothing wrong with it. If people can use Gray, blue etc, there's no reason you can't use Onyx. Nyx is a fine nn too
    Lucifer -- I know one of these too and have talked about him on the boards. His father is Luciferian and used it to honor his god. Honestly, he's gotten some problems, but no rude comments. He more gets "oh...interesting..." or the squinty eyed weird looks. Lucifer likes his name though, and he doesn't use a nickname. Lucifer has a great sound and a beautiful meaning.
    Amber -- My sister's Amber so all I think is 'girl' but it's a color and has no gender. You could conceivably get Bear as a nn, which is awesome.
    Rebel -- You are asking for it :P I don't like it and I would probably go home and talk about his name, but other than asking for trouble, there's nothing wrong with it
    Optimus Prime -- No this one is the worst on this list, sorry. It's terrible together. Optimus by itself would be cool, together it's like a joke, sorry

    I think you'd like:

    Spyridon -- means 'spirit'
    Noble -- goes right in there with Royal. I know one of these too. His siblings are Loyal (B), Sage (b), and Whimsy. It's all too much for me together, but you might like them
    Winsome -- I recently met a Winsome. It think it's awesome. Winsome means "attractive or appealing in appearance or character; charming"
    Aero -- like Arrow. It's a shade of blue
    Pendragon -- I know, I said I couldn't take dragon seriously, but this is for you and I honestly like it better. It's Arthur's last name (King Arthur)
    Faustus -- I adore this name even though the play is dark
    Frost -- I just like it. I used it in a story because I don't like it on my own kid
    Osiris -- a god of the dead in Egyptian mythology, just a cool sound
    Aristotle -- You like pretentious, this is pretentious but it's cool and has great associations
    Voltaire -- see above
    Marquis -- like Royal. I think it has a neat sound and it's a character in a Neil Gaiman book so that's a + for me
    Wilder -- much like Rebel. You're asking for it, but it's cool. I know 2 actually, a musician and a cop
    Draven -- because The Crow
    Craven -- just cause it sounds cool -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Dragon --I have a friend of Chinese descent who is 100% committed to naming his son Long Wang, which means "Dragon King". I'd say go for it, although I do prefer Drake.
    Jade -- My favorite character from the video game Tales of the Abyss is male and named Jade, so I consider this a good boy's name, as well.
    Royal -- Most certainly pretentious, as you said. I wonder if he would end up being ironically humble.
    Onyx -- I like this one as well.
    Lucifer -- Lucifer was given his name while a good guy, so whatever. There are plenty of variations people use without consequence, I think this should go into rotation, too.
    Amber -- I still think of a girl, and an air-headed girl in particular.
    Rebel -- Maybe try Maverick for a slightly more acceptable alternative with a similar meaning.
    Optimus Prime -- Of course.

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