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Thread: Roberta, WDYT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by b_star7 View Post
    Loll sorry I was just being honest, I hope I didn't offend!
    LOL, no offense at all! I just thought it was funny that no one commented for so long! (Probably because I posted close to midnight.)

    I LOVE the thought of nn Bertie, but I agree that the "Bert" part puts me off a little bit. I really like the "Birdie" spelling instead. I'm coming to the realization that I just love feminizations. I can't seem to help myself!
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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    I like it! Possible nicknames Robbie, Bobby or Bertie? Very cute. And it reminds me of The Railway Children- a favourite childhood book/film
    I think of the Railway Children too! Love that book/movie. It's a cute literary connection and I love the nicknames. Roberta is so underused and beautiful. I love it!
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    I like Roberta, especially the nicknames Bobby and Birdie. It makes me think of Christina Ricci in Now and Then, which is a guilty pleasure movie of mine.
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    I kinda like it. I had a great-grandmother named Bobbie so I've always thought it was interesting.

    I think Robin or Birdie would be a great nn.

    I'm not uber-fond of feminizations, but this one doesn't bother me as much as most.
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    I LOVE that it is a nod to your last name...that gives it added meaning and it has a neat vintage, clunky-cute vibe. I want so badly to find a girl name that I like that starts with a Z (as a nod to MY maiden name), but I only like the classics so it is a struggle. Go with Roberta!

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