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    11 weeks to go - need suggestions!

    We have only one girl's name that we can agree on: Eleni (middle name in progress). However, everyone I know that has recently had a baby has ended up thinking the name they picked didn't work and had to come up with something new. Could be the hormones, but the idea of not having a name for our baby for the first week is really stressing me out. I need a backup name (or two)!
    Criteria: It can't start with A and must be longer than one syllable.
    A few we've contemplated to give you a style idea: Juniper/Wren (nature), Eleni/Athena (Greek), Georgia/Theodora (Traditional), Tenley/Noa (modern)
    We've looked at so many names now, they're all looking the same. I welcome your most outrageous and creative suggestions!

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