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    Which do you like?

    I'm pregnant with a baby girl and thought I had settled on Emmeline Louise (nn Emmylou) but I now am thinking I also like Susannah (no middle name yet). I still love Emmeline but Susannah seems lovely too!

    Emmeline Louise or Susannah

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    I vote for Susannah! Good luck!

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    How are your pronouncing Emmeline? I personally pronounce it emma-leen, so it's a little rhymie next to Louise. I think the pronunciation emma-lyn sounds alright with Louise, and as for the last pronunciation, emma-line, I think the -line clashes with the Lou- of Louise a little. Emmylou is very cute!

    Susannah Louise is adorable! I find it very vintage and slightly lacy.

    I think overall, I'll pick Susannah Louise, because it has the best flow.
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    I pronounce it Emma-leen

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