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    Help naming our third girl:)

    Hello everyone! I am looking forward to reading any suggestions you may have naming our third baby girl. We have Gabriela Noel who is 2 1/2 and Jacqueline Michele who is 15 months. We tend to be more traditional but hopefully not too common!
    Cassandra, Alexandra, Gia... Thanks!
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    I really like Cassandra or Alexandra with your other daughters' names. Gia seems too short and less sophisticated than your daughters' names.
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    I love, love, love, Jacqueline! My dh won't go for it though. One of the baby name wizard suggestions for people who love Jacqueline is Diana which I also love. I think as your girls names are feminizations Alexandra would go well to( just know that people will automatically call her Alex, it's my name and it was hard to get anyone to call me anything else). Also maybe Frances or Daniella. Best wishes!
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    Cassandra goes well! Other suggestions:

    Mia, Vivian, Norah, Fiona, Francesca, Eleanor

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