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    These names make my heart beat a little faster:
    Tarquin James (I met a real life Tarquin, he was in his 40s, and a bit of a silver fox, made me love the name more!)
    Ambrose John
    Aubyn James (Prefur Auben, or Alben but they are all strong, handsome names, and family connections always deserve extra points)
    Peregrine James - Pip is so cute!
    Tennyson James
    Reed Nicholas
    Wyeth James

    These, not so much:

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    I'm an English graduate too and I love love LOVE Peregrine. Here in the UK the usual nn is 'Pen' which I think is a nice graduation into adulthood from Pip too. Aubyn James is definitely a close second for me. And Bertram would be on my list too as I love the nn Bertie which is, again, the usual over here. X

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    My god, I love your naming style. My favourites from your list are:

    Ivo Nicholas (I like it better with James)
    Asa Nicholas (Again, like it better with James)
    Theodore James "Teddy"
    Atticus John
    Zevon James
    Finch Nicholas
    Peregrine James
    Wyeth James
    Sparrow John (I like this better with James too).
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    Names I like and would use

    Ivo Nicholas (EYE-vo)
    Reed Nicholas
    Theodore James "Teddy"
    Atticus John (or James)
    Copeland James (family name)
    Tavish John---or James
    Fenwick James "Fen" (family name)------LOVE This one
    Hawthorne/Hawthorn James (I like it without the E, dh likes it with)----I like the E

    Names I like and would not use...Guilty Pleasure Names?

    Toussaint James (pronounced like Tucson)
    Cabot James
    Barnaby James
    Bertram John
    Tristram James (I always think of the snack cracker Trisket
    Tennyson James "Ten" or "Tenny"
    Tarquin James
    Thackeray John (rhymes with Zachary)
    Banyan James----I love this---maybe too new to my ears, have not heard it before as a name

    Names I do not care for

    Aubyn James (family name)
    Asa Nicholas (never liked Asa)
    Zevon James (rhymes with Devon)
    Finch Nicholas---Little birdy
    Jolyon Nicholas (JOLE-ion)
    Orlando James "Orly"
    Worthy James (family name)
    Ambrose John
    Peregrine James (We might use Pip as a nn even though it's a bit too LOTRish...but it is actually from Angela Carter's last novel, Wise Children, my dh's favorite)---I like Pip.......Just not the birdy
    Pryor James---From a long time ago...Richard Pryor going up in flames
    Macabee James (family name)-----See Macabre
    Wyeth James
    Sparrow John----Little Birdy......would use for a girl
    Rushdie James---like Salmon?

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    Reed Nicholas
    Asa Nicholas
    Theodore James
    Atticus John
    Bertram John
    Peregrine James
    Orlando James
    Hawthorne/Hawthorn James


    Barnaby James
    Tristram James
    Copland James
    Tavish John
    Macabee James

    Strongly dislike:

    Rushdie James (like Rush to die? Not a pleasant name)
    Jolyon Nicholas (I think it would be mispronounce joe-lion)
    Worthy James

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