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Thread: Top 2!

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    Top 2!

    We are leaning towards Theodore for baby #4 but I've had negative feedback from a couple of friends who say the name reminds them of Alvin and the Chipmunks. We planned to use Theo as a nickname.

    Another possibility is James, which is a family name and very meaningful to me. However, our last name is four letters, one syllable, so James seems awfully short. Especially with siblings Alexander, Madelyn, and Genevieve.

    What do you think? Theodore James Rhynold (Rhynold was hubby's grandfather's name) or James Thomas Rhynold?
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    James and Thomas both end in -s, so that ones out in my opinion.
    Theodore James is awesome. Nickname could be TJ.

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    I think that the shortness of the youngest sibling's name would actually be somewhat charming. Both names are nice. The only thing I have against Theodore is that it sounds a bit cutesy and childish...but it is still undeniably a strong name.

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    I think Theodore James is handsome and majestic. I love the spunky Theo as a nickname and Theodore goes really well with your children's names especially Alexander. Who cares about Alvin and the Chipmunks - they're so yesterday. Anyway, they're kind of cute, aren't they?
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    I love them both, but Theo is one of my favorite names and it's more interesting than James, as handsome as it is.
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