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    My daughter's name is Scout. I am one of those that would never touch a name that is in the top 1000, though there are definitely gorgeous names in the top 100. Scout, to me, is light-hearted and fits my daughter so well. I am also quite aware of the literary second choice was Dodger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mclola View Post
    my daughter is McKinley Mayfair. McKinley because her biological dad was from Alaska. We considered Denali, but his cousin named her daughter that. Mayfair was my grandma and great-grandma's middle name.

    my son is Christian Wayne. Christian because it was my grandma's favorite name and even though she had five sons she never got to use it. also my middle is Kristine. Wayne was his biological dads middle name.
    I don't have any children, but one name I've always liked is McKinley. Though, I would pair it with Grace, as it was my Great Grandmother's name!

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    Great post!
    Reuben was a name we saw in a baby name book. We pointed to it at the same time and loved its meaning 'behold, a son'. After 3 years, IVF and an ectopic pregnancy, it just seemed fitting. His middle name is Saul which means 'prayed for' or 'wanted' and rhymes with DH's name Paul. Reuben is 6 now and loves his name. He likes that noone else has it, that he knows, and that it is alliterative with our surname.
    Cordelia was hubby's suggestion. He likes the Buffy/Angel connection and I like the Shakespeare connection. Her mn Jane is my mum and sister's mn. My mum is known by her middle name only so was a tribute to her.
    Persephone also has a film connection that hubby likes (she's the wife of the Merovingian in The Matrix) and a literary connection for me (Noughts and Crosses by Mallory Blackman). Her mn Lily is DH's gran's name. She died before Sephy was born.

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