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    My daughter's name is Annabel Violet. I have always loved the name Annabel, so even though we considered a few other names while pregnant with her it was pretty much a given her name would be Annabel. We also loved Violet, so Annabel Violet she is.

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    Landon Michael James.... Landon was the name my husband picked and if fits our son perfectly. Michael James were picked because they sounded good along with Landon. Two middle names just because I have two middle names.

    Addison Blake Lynn.... Addison was the name I picked and it works great for our daughter. Blake is a namesake from my husbands best friend who he served two tours in Iraq with. Lynn is one of my middle names and my moms middle name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by orphanedhanyou View Post
    no one makes the cartoon connection? lucky! its the first thing i thought and ive only seen a few episodes.
    Yeah, almost nobody guesses that's where its from. The few that do, are usually little kids since its a kid show (or just fantasy nerds) & tend to really like the name.
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    @kaiteydenberg Azula is soooo pretty, and so unique!

    Too everyone else your children's names are amazing!
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    Patrick is my husband's middle name and also well used for middle names in his family. Werner is after my husband's grandfather.

    Mary Claire was my mother's name and there are a lot of other Marys in the family as well so we were able to honor a lot of people with her name.

    I love that Patrick and Mary really go together well in my opinion. And that they are both family names so they both have special meaning.
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