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    What are your children's names and why?

    Recently, while on Nameberry Iv been just looking at people sigs at the bottom. I am so intrested in some of the names I see but I'm a bit embarrassed to mail people individualy, so if you don't mind to share you child's name and why. I'm sure everyone would be intrested.
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    My son is Mason Wilder. Mason is a family name on my mom's side, Wilder a family name on my step-dad's side, and he has my last name which is obviously a family name on my dad's side. I love honoring family. Number one, I think it's nice to have a namesake and the stories are always nice and there's weight in that name. I wasn't named after anybody and I sometimes feel that my name would be more special if it were honoring somebody. Number two, family trees are rife with really spectacular names so I had fun creating his.

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    my daughter is McKinley Mayfair. McKinley because her biological dad was from Alaska. We considered Denali, but his cousin named her daughter that. Mayfair was my grandma and great-grandma's middle name.

    my son is Christian Wayne. Christian because it was my grandma's favorite name and even though she had five sons she never got to use it. also my middle is Kristine. Wayne was his biological dads middle name.
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    My 4 year-old daughter is Sylvia Caron. Sylvia was just a name we liked, but I also liked that it started with S to honor a friend of mine that passed away very young. Caron is a combo name of Carol + Sharon after my mother and MIL.

    Our boy will likely be Linus Roman. Linus is a name we like after Linus Pauling and Torvalds. Roman is another combo name of Rodger + Herman after my dad and FIL/GFIL.
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    My daughter's name is Maura Lucille. The name Maura has been one of my favorites forever, but I set my heart on it when I started dating my now-husband because he's Irish Catholic. It just seemed like the perfect name to honor his heritage, since it comes from the Irish name for Mary. The first time we ever talked about baby names together, back when we were still dating and he was still willing to humor me :-P, he suggested the same name! Except he wanted to use the traditional Irish spelling. Once I was actually pregnant, he let me have my way. I was growing the kid, after all ;-)! Lucille is my grandmother's name, but it was husband who chose to honor her. I though it was really sweet! The only other first names we ever considered, besides alternate spellings of Maura, were Molly and Lucy, so I guess we kind of ended up rolling them all into one.

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