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    Azula Rosemary. We wanted something strong and feminine without being too common or overly frilly.

    Before we were married DH Corey got me to watch a TC series called "Avatar: The Last Airbender". As far as I understand all the names in the show were made up by the writers - Azula was one of the names they used, and as soon as we heard it we both loved it and decided on the spot if we had a daughter her name would be Azula. Years later we still loved it, it was far and away the steady top of our list of options, so we went for it. I guess it's kind of nerdy to name your child after a cartoon character, but we thought it might be an obscure enough show that most people wouldn't make the connection. My daughter has beautiful blue eyes so sometimes if I don't want to tell people about how we found the name I just say it's from Azul, the Spanish word for blue.

    Aside from meeting my desire for a nature name, Rosemary honors a few family members - my mother comes from a Catholic family where most of the girls have some variant of Rose or Mary in their names. We considered using Azula Jasmine, which were some of the flowers we had at our wedding ceremony, but decided Rosemary was better for us because of the family connection.

    Pregnant again and still sort of debating what the name (or names, if its TWINS - we will find out next Wednesday) will be. Its important to me that the names can be spelled phonetically and that they are special.
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    My daughter is Ayla Alba-Rose.
    We went into hospital with Alba and Zara picked out. Both compromise names.
    When she was born Ayla popped into my head and that was that. DH wanted to use Alba-Rose as the middle ( he was born in Scotland so it's a nod to his origins) and while I felt it was a bit of a mouthful at the time, i love that it honors her dads, and therefore her own, heritage. Everyday she grows into her name a little more.
    I have dibs on the mn of the next one though. They have his last name so the mn of the next one will honor my family/ heritage somehow.
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    my daughter is Amy-Louise.

    We went into the hospital with Abigail Louise, Amelia Rose and Emily Rose/Louise. - When she was born Amy popped into my boyfriends head and that was it. Which I later found out Amy is a form of Amelia & Emily, which is good because my daughter has a bit of both my great grandmother's names in hers.

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    Our son is William Balthazar. William was an easy decision, because the name was in both our Top 5 and DH really liked the Irish-ness of the nickname Liam. (He and his brother also have Irish names.) Balthazar started out as a guilty pleasure for me -- I've always loved the story of the Magi and their awesome names -- so I didn't even mention it when we first started talking about names, thinking DH would probably veto it anyway. (He has more conservative tastes in names.) When I finally did, however, he actually thought it was a pretty cool name, so that's what we went with. We couldn't be happier with Liam's name!
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    no one makes the cartoon connection? lucky! its the first thing i thought and ive only seen a few episodes.

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