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    Oooh I like this!! I would love to see what everyone says! We don't have any kids yet... but we have agreed that if we ever have a boy his name will be Spencer Duane. Spencer is my grandma's maiden name, and Duane is both our grandpa's name. We are less decisive on a girl's name, but we definitely want to use a family name for at least the middle.
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    Both of my girls' names honor family. In the Jewish tradition, we can use the first initial to honor a deceased family member. My daughter Isabella is named after my maternal grandfather, Isaac. My younger daughter, Vanessa, is named after my paternal grandmother, Varvara.
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    So intresting to hear these lovely names.
    @smismar loved how you combined the names. Very creative!
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    Oscar - we liked it. We first were drawn to Oliver, but found that despite the sweet quirkiness, it's moving up the charts pretty rapidly. Oscar, on the other hand, is pretty steady on the charts. Also, it's easy to spell/say/pronounce even in Chinese.

    Leopold - a roundabout way of honoring my grandfather specifically, rather than honor my dad as well (My dad is a junior, so using my grandfather's name would have meant using my dads name). Also, we liked it and the meaning, it sounds good with Oscar and the surname, and it gives the whole name a dignified feel.
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    My son Gabriel Christian was named in the first couple of weeks after my husband and I met. Gabriel was a name we both loved and the 2 people we knew that were named Gabriel were both very kind, generous men. Those were qualities we would want our son to have. Christian is not only my hubby's middle name but the middle name of both his and my great-grandfathers. It was important to us to honor family. That was 11 years ago we made that decision, Gabriel is 4 now. We just started TTC again and now I'm frantically trying to find names as this one won't be nearly as easy. What we do know is that if it is a girl, her name will include Marie after my hubby's great grandmother. A boy? I haven't the first inkling of a clue yet.

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