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    Thank you all so much!

    @ lo - my favorite theme of the boys is that both firsts and middle names have the four letters! I felt more stuck on that theme initially but considering how much we love Pearl for a girl middle, I'm "trying" to be more flexible about the letters.

    Jude and Seth are great options! Of course I like Boaz too - biblical and 4 letters - but don't love naming the third boy so similar to my husbands name, would've preferred to name the first boy that...
    I hadn't even noticed that the middles have 4-letters as well. You could look at it more mathematically and since Pearl has 5 letters you could try to find a first name with 3 letters. Lea comes to mind.

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    The previous suggestion of Lydia Pearl is so pretty! Others:

    Lillia Pearl
    Lillian Pearl

    For boys, I like Wyatt with Luke and Levi. Another suggestion is Shane.

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    Lea or Lia Pearl would be great! I too noticed the 4 letter theme right away. Lacy might work but I like the y better than i. And I would probably not do Lacy with Pearl because it sounds like an adjective and noun. I also like Lila with Levi and Luke.
    I like Boaz if it's a boy - I don't know why it would be weird to name the third boy similar to his dad, it could be something special between them. I also like Ezra and Seth. Boaz Jude?

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