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    Baby #3 Needs a Name

    While I'm brand new to nameberry, I am a long time name fanatic! As a born and raised city girl who married the epitomy of cowboy country boy, life in general has changed drastically... Not to mention my favorite name choices lol. My husband Bo and I have two sons Levi Jack and Luke West. We are TTC baby number 3 and I'd like to get a head start on the name. My husband like Laith Wyatt for a boy (laith coming from lathe, a wood and metal machine he has to work on rifles lol, also means lion) and Laci Pearl for a girl (pearl is his grandmothers name and I also adore it). I like Wyatt and Owen but also love the Biblical and L theme for my other two boys. I like Leila Pearl, Landry Pearl, Livia Pearl and Berkley Pearl for a girl. Any other suggestions to appease my Cowboy husband but still quench my naming flair?!
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    I think Wyatt is perfect!
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    Another L biblical name might be hard to find for a boy. All I can think of at the moment are Lazarus and Lemuel, and I'm not sure either fits well with your sibset. For another biblical name, I like Paul, Seth, Silas, Titus, Isaac, and Joseph. For another L name, I like Lars. Maybe Logan.

    For a girl, Lydia is a great biblical L name. So is Lois. Other biblical names could be Elizabeth, Mary, Tabitha, and Anna. For another L name, I love Leila and Livia on your list. You could also consider Lily, Lola, Louise, Laura, Lana.

    Good luck!

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    Wyatt and Owen are both nice names. Since you have really three themes going: Biblical, "L" names, and 4 letter names. It might be nice to keep one of them going. I suggest keeping the Biblical theme going as there are a lot more choices. (And I love Biblical boy names!) My top pick for you would be Jude which not only is Biblical with a cowboy vibe but also conveniently has four letters like Levi and Luke. I'd also consider Abel, Amos, Ezra, and Eli. I'll also second Seth and Silas.
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    Thank you all so much!

    @ lo - my favorite theme of the boys is that both firsts and middle names have the four letters! I felt more stuck on that theme initially but considering how much we love Pearl for a girl middle, I'm "trying" to be more flexible about the letters.

    Jude and Seth are great options! Of course I like Boaz too - biblical and 4 letters - but don't love naming the third boy so similar to my husbands name, would've preferred to name the first boy that...

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