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    Names for possible boy #4

    I have three wonderful boys Theodore Martin(Ted/Teddy), Kaelen Arthur, and Jensen Joshua. We are TTC and so I have started formulating lists of names for boy #4 (it may be silly but I feel like having a few really solid boy names increases the chance of conceiving a girl). The thing is there is not really anything that we are falling in love with.
    So here are a few guidelines: the boys all have a family name as a middle name so we would like to try to keep a family connection to the name. (we've actually honored 7 ancestors with 4 names already) Men's names to consider: Paul, Lawrence, August, Emil. Another possible middle name is my mother-in-law's maiden name Houk. One other possibly I like is using the initials CMR (Ross) so I would share a monogram with the baby.
    Finally, as one of three Joshes in a class of 100, my husband really wants to avoid anything too common--but he is not really into anything too "creative" (Kae's name was a stretch for him). We where hoping for all the children to have unique initials in our family.
    Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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