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    A-Atlas, Archer, Asher, Atticus, Aslan, Alexander, Ajax, Anders, Andrew, Aldo, Archie, Axel, Austyn, Augustine, Aston
    B-Bay, Beckett, Beckham, Benjamin, Benji, Bennet, Bentley, Brady, Braxton, Bridger, Bridges, Brody, Baz, Blane, Brian, Byron, Brent, Brennan, Bart
    C- Cas, Channing, Clyde, Cobalt
    K- Kain, Kalisin, Kiran, Keegan, Kade, Kane, Khan, Kendrick, Kellan, Krszytof, Kai,
    L- Levi, Liam, Leviticus, Lachlan, Leo, Land, Lincoln, Lionel, Luka/Luca, Lukas/Lucas, Leon, Leopold, Landon, Luther, Lex, Lacy, Lane, Linus, Lawson, Lennon, Lewis, Layton, Lennox,
    M- Matthew, Mark, Matthias, Mateusz, Maximus, Maddox, Macintire, Moses, Madigan, Malachi, Micajah, Milo, Morris, Matteo
    O- Otto, Otis, Oskar, Onyx, Owen, Obediah.

    I added C because two of your top name choices where with C.

    My top picks would be...
    Atlas and Ajax, Anders and Aldo, Archie and Austyn
    Benji and Brax (Benjamin and Braxton), Bennet and Bridger, Bay and Braxton
    Clyde and Cas
    Kai and Kellan, Kain and Kalisin (Kain and Kal)
    Leviticus and Luther, Liam and Luther, Lexander and Leopold (Leo and Lex)
    Matthias and Micajah, Milo and Morris, Maximus and Matthew
    Otto and Onyx

    I also suggest:
    Hawthorn and Huckleberry, Hawk and Huck! or Hawthorn and Hendrix!
    Foxx and Finn
    Declan and Dawson or Dylan
    Wyatt and Weston, Wolf, Wren,
    Parker and Pax, Puck
    Nash and Nicolai
    Puck and Perseus
    Thor and Titus, Tripp, Tucker, Talon
    Silas and Seth
    Reed and Rook, or Rufus, or Raiden, Rascal, Ross
    Zane and Zedekiah, Zachary, Zachariah, Zeke

    Good luck!

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