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    Prince George and his siblings?

    How many children Will and Kate are planning? One? Two? Three? You could guess their names.

    I am hoping for little Charlotte, Elizabeth or Arthur or Edmund. What are your thoughts and hopes?

    I was pleased when I hear little prince of Cambridge's name is George. Then I realized that this makes princess Georgina "not-going-to-happen". Argh. Could little future princess of Kate and Will be named Georgina still? Or in the middle (Charlotte Georgina Diane, Charlotte Frances Georgina)?
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    Now that the heir is born I am hoping that the couple will have more freedom and show some independence (and guts) to name a girl Diana. The Royal Family has tried so hard to write her out of history. I don't think they'll use any other forms of George. I would love for them to choose Arthur or Alfred for a boy. Edmund and Charlotte are the names of two of Diana's brother Earl Spencer's children so I have my doubts about them too.
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    I heard that they want a large family, so I can see maybe 2 or 3 more siblings for George.

    If I had to guess some names, I would say Abigail, Arthur, Eric, Helena, Lawrence, and Margaret

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    I expect Diana might eventually be a middle name. I'm bummed they can't use Alexandra now.

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    I'd guess they'll want one or two more (heir and the spares).

    Prince George, Princess Elizabeth, and Prince Theodore
    Prince George, Princess Elizabeth, and Princess Mary
    Prince George, Prince Theodore, and Prince John

    For a girl, I think Elizabeth Diana Mary would be nice. Elizabeth is just such a versatile name (Liz, Ellie, Lizzie, Ella, Eliza, Beth, Libby, Liddy, etc). I think George and Catherine would be a great set, but I doubt they'd go there.

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