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    Eleanor would be nice, although my fave for princess would be Emma.
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    I could see an Eleanor, Elizabeth or Victoria for a girl. I'm hoping they don't do Mary since I worry the name might come back popularity wise and I like that I gave my daughter a very traditional name but not one that is in the top 100. I wouldn't want them to do a first name Diana because I think that poor child would always be compared to her namesake. And I say that as somebody who named my daughter after my deceased mother but my daughter will never have to have kids at school, the media or random people she meets compare her to her grandmother.

    For a boy I think they'll stick to traditional names and could see an Arthur, Henry (not called Harry) or Frederick.
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    The could use a feminine form of George still. The Queen mother was Elizabeth Alexandra Marguerite and she had a sister named Margaret

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    William said last year on his Jubilee tour that he'd like to have two children. That leaves one more then...

    I think they'll be more 'out there' with the next child, within reason. They've insisted that Prince George's names are all favourites and don't honour anyone which shows they're a little more liberal than past royals. However, as Alexander was Kate's absolute favourite yet they still went with George for a FN, I think that reveals that they still want to follow royal naming traditions.

    Knowing that the names they picked are ones they purely liked, we can conjecture they're into traditional classics, as predicted. Bye bye Abigail, Lachlan or whatever other more 'common' names people have suggested. Again, I doubt Henry, Diana, Elizabeth, Charles and James will be used. I just can't see them naming a child after their siblings or William's father. The Queen has apparently said she wouldn't like another Elizabeth (though I can definitely see it in the middle spot) and Diana (apart from being kind of dated here) has too strong a connection. And I still doubt Diana will be used in the middle too. I think they'll be more subtle and use Frances/Francis if they like it (NOT Spencer!). For girls, Eleanor, Matilda and Mary are good shots. Alfred, Edmund, John (rebels!), Arthur, Frederick and Richard still look good for boys. Or perhaps they'll really break the mould and go for Isabella, Peter, Joseph or Thomas

    As for the usage of a feminine form George- I don't think so. They've already used George. Why use another George name? Not sure what the above poster means because The Queen mother was Elizabeth Angela Marguerite and she didn't have a sister called Margaret (wouldn't matter anyway as she wasn't born into the royal family). The Queen is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary with a sister named Margaret. The argument doesn't exist there.

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    I'd like to see a Princess Alice and a Prince Frederick.
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