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    Alexandra or Alexis mean to help or defend
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    Thank you thank you! I love these suggestions, especially Willa and Eva for their beautiful meanings. I would give anything to report that this story wasn't true, but unfortunately it is and your replies are very helpful!

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    I'm so sorry for your loss. I've miscarried multiple times, and I have to say that you are doing a very wise thing by naming your little lost one. Especially as time goes on, it seems that I am the only one that remembers my babies, but since they have names, it makes it easier to keep them as individuals in my heart. My best wishes for you to find peace.

    I'm truly terrible at name meanings.....different sources assert different stories. I never know what to believe. That said

    Theora (which might mean 'watcher')
    Mitra (which might mean 'angel')
    Gilda (which might mean 'a woman of sacrifice')
    Gemina meaning 'twin'
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. You could name her Mia Angelina, which means "my little angel".
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    I work in the Labor and Delivery part of the hospital. There was a mother there recently who lost her daughter at 32 weeks. She named the baby Cariña, which in spanish (and italian) mean "dear little one". I thought it was such a beautiful choice. I am really very sorry to hear about your daughter, I know all too well how painful it is, and I wish you, your husband and your daughter comfort during this time, as well as healthy pregnancy for you and your daugther.

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