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    Repost: Sibling Set for Faith and Zack??

    Hi everyone!

    I'm new around here so I didn't realize that there was a forum for sibling names until after I posted this in the general baby name forum. Not really sure how I missed this fact over the last few weeks.
    Anyhow, my sister-in-law is expecting in a few months. She's running through a list of names currently for both genders. This is her first pregnancy. *happy dance*
    Her top two favorite names are: Faith and Zack. She asked me to help her with a name set as she is planning to eventually have more children. I've given her my own suggestions for both middles for the current bub as well as sibling names. I'm just curious on your thoughts about a sibling match set for the names either in a set together or individually. Possible middle names for Faith are Rosamund or Annaliese. Currently unsure of middle name possibilities for Zack. Surname rhymes with antenna.
    All suggestions will be passed onto her as she wants to choose a sibling set settled on in advance based on Baby #1's name! Thank you in advance for your suggestions. Big Hugs!

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