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    Help! How many middle names to go for?

    Our first child, a daughter, is due any day now and we're still a little stuck on middle names! We're fairly set on Aletta Louisa (our family name is May) but can't decide whether to add another middle name into the mix. I had always wanted three names but as our family name is quite feminine I'm not sure if this would be overkill and DH isn't convinced.

    Aletta Louisa Evelyn is a strong possibility if DD arrives on August 5, my great-grandmother's birthday, in her honour.

    Aletta Louisa Isabel is another contender in honour of DH's maternal grandmother. She was the only grandparent he met and he was totally devoted to her; sadly she passed away six weeks before we married.

    Aletta is a name we have never heard used but which has appeared a few times in DH's family tree amongst his South African relatives - it's quite a popular Dutch name but apparently it is also a French or Spanish name. We love that it's feminine and quite unusual, whilst also being a nod to his heritage. I also like that it's an 'A' name as both my parents and my paternal grandmother have names beginning with 'A'.

    Louisa is another name from DH's South African family. My maternal aunt and my sister have the middle name Louise, which we considered, but we thought that Louisa went better with our family name.

    Does it seem as though we're leaning too heavily on DH's paternal family? I don't want to upset any sides, particularly as the baby will be a first grandchild on both sides and a first great-grandchild for all of my grandparents.

    We'd be grateful for your thoughts on how many middle names to go for, the combination and any alternative middle name suggestions!

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    I think that Aletta Louisa Evelyn is beautiful, and it is honoring both families. Honestly, I think even if you used names that are more so from his family your family will be ecstatic about a healthy grandchild and the names won't be as big of a deal. I agree that Aletta is a beautiful name, I have never heard of it, so thanks for posting so I could hear such a great name!

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    Thanks so much for the positive feedback! It's such an important decision that we want to get it just right!

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    Aletta Louisa is lovely! I think since there is a family tradition of A names on your side and Louise is a name on your side (and so close to Louisa) that your side is acknowledged enough! If you want to nod to your side a little more...I think while Louisa May does flow a little better than Louise May, Aletta Louise flows a little better than Aletta Louisa (but just a little - I love Aletta Louisa too!).

    As for how many middles, the combos you suggest are lovely and meaningful, I don't think it's overkill if you really want to do it, but since your husband seems not totally in favor, here are some things to consider: You and your husband and little Aletta might be able to consider the -isa in Louisa as a nod to Isabel. If his concern is more about length than the number of names, you could consider Aletta Louisa Eve or Aletta Louisa Belle as nods to Evelyn or Isabel. With these shorter names hyphenating might even make sense, so you're down technically to two names: Aletta Louisa-Eve or Aletta Louisa-Belle.

    Best wishes!

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    I generally prefer the standard two names, but Aletta Louisa Evelyn is so pretty! And it sounds great with your last name.

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