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  • Jack Hawthorne

    56 82.35%
  • Hudson James

    12 17.65%
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    Top 2

    I posted about this a few days ago (with August as a third option too) but feeling so indecisive about this baby's name. These feel like our two top options at the moment. He will be here in a week or less so I'm hoping a poll might help me make up my mind. Thanks!

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    I voted for Jack Hawthorne, Jack is a more classic name that will grow well with a child.

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    I love the spunky Jack with Sophie and Violet and Hawthorne makes it even more awesome! I can't get passed the trendy feel of Hudson and the "Hud" beginning (rhymes with dud, mud, thud etc...). I just don't find the name very attractive. Jack just seems like the "natural" brother for your girls.
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    Jack Hawthorne all the way. Hudson is trendy and will be dated in 10 years. And I agree with Mischa that it just isn't a very nice-sounding name. I don't really get the appeal. Your other children are Sophie and Violet? Jack is perfect!
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    Another vote for Jack Hawthorne; Hudson is just too harsh sounding. I think it would work better as James Hudson instead of Hudson James, but Jack Hawthorne still trumps that.

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