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    I think it is a pretty name, but it also sounds a lot like cesspool to me...

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    For me it's the meaning sometimes. I love Cecily but the meaning puts me off

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    I personally find Cecily an ugly name even though I typically like that style. I work with kids and the last time I had a Cecily I kept thinking of cesspools or the the word silly when I heard her name. So that's what turns me off to it. In general maybe people just aren't daring enough to use Cecily. I wouldn't choose it over the sophisticated Cecilia or the simple and elegant Celia. I'm sure Cecily will rise in popularity but I don't think you need to worry about it becoming the next Sophia. So if you love it go for it

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    The main reason I'm not super fond of it is that it's very hissy and it sounds a lot like Sicily.

    Other names with that S sound have b or f or v sounds to round out the name.
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    Cecily is very hissy. I'm not fond of the meaning. My best guess as to why it isn't more popular is simply that there hasn't been anyone to bring it into the public eye. Most of the lacy vintage names require a celebrity, celebrity baby, TV or movie character, etc to bring them to the general public's attention.

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