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    Fourth Boy Middle Name!

    We've had such a hard time coming up with a name for our fourth son, but we finally did it. Now we're stuck on a middle name. Our first three sons names are Ethan Christopher, Caleb Matthew, and Kieran Lucas. We picked the name Linden for our fourth boy. I need suggestions for his middle name! Please help!

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    First of all, Linden is a gorgeous name I know it's kind of a boring, overused one, but I though James went really well with it. There's also Louis, but I'm not sure if you want them to be entirely different or what. Some others:
    Cale/ Kale
    Charles/ Charlie

    Sorry I couldn't think of more. Good luck!

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    I would choose a biblical name since all of your boys have at least one biblical name. I like the suggestion of Jacob.

    Linden Jacob
    Linden Daniel
    Linden Ezra
    Linden Jonah
    Linden Jeremiah
    Linden Joseph
    Linden Jude
    Linden Noah
    Linden Abraham
    Linden Isaac
    Linden Isaiah
    Linden Joshua
    Linden Zachary
    Linden Elijah
    Linden Nathaniel
    Linden Samuel

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    Thanks for the great ideas! I really like the idea of using a biblical name too

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