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    Maybe a good nickname could salvage the situation??? Help please!

    Ok, I have a confession: I'm one of the 50 bazillion moms who named her daughter (ahem)... Sophia. Yes, I'm one of THOSE. Now before you judge me, let me just say that I had absolutely no idea that everyone on the freaking planet was choosing the exact same name at the exact same time. I had never really given much thought to what I might name my future children. Truth is, I wasn't entirely sure that I wanted to have kids at all. So when I found myself pregnant with my first child three years ago, I was totally clueless about things like naming trends, ssa name lists, websites like nameberry, etc. Turns out, my husband and I had very different taste in names and we were having a hard time agreeing; Sophia was the first name we both liked. Sophia had been my great-grandmother's name, and I had always thought it was lovely, plus I liked the fact that it's meaning is "wisdom". I thought it was classic and beautiful, and a little bit old-fashioned (or so I thought!) which suited my retro-loving style. The international appeal was an additional bonus, since my hubby and I travel a lot and have spent many years living in various parts of the world. It seemed like the perfect choice for us. We named her Sophia and never gave it another thought.

    Very shortly after Sophia was born, we moved to the Netherlands where the name was familiar (there was a dutch Queen Sophie in the 1800's) but not overly popular. In the 3 years we lived there, we only encountered one or two other Sophies and not a single Sophia. We frequently received compliments on her beautiful name. We were happy with our choice. And THEN....

    We recently moved back to the US, and I was shocked and horrified to discover that my daughter was one of 6 (yes 6!) girls named Sophia/Sofia/Sophie in her preschool. Oh. My. God. Are you freaking kidding me??? I was disgusted to find out how ridiculously overdone the name has become here. So now what do I do? My daughter is old enough that we are way past the point of considering a formal name change. In fact, she loves her name and identifies strongly with it. Which is great, but...

    So I'm wondering if maybe it might be time to sneak a good nickname in there. Nothing too cutesy, I'm looking for something that we could reasonably expect teachers to call her (we frequently use the nn "doodlebug" around the house, but that ain't gonna work for the rest of the world!). I still love the name, but I don't want her to go through school as Sophia A. My name is Amy, and I was born during the peak of that name's popularity. There were always an absurd number of other girls with the same name in my classes, and I hated that. Eventually the name fell out of fashion again, and these days I don't actually meet that many other Amys too often (when I do, she's invariably about the same age as me!). I'm hoping the same might happen with Sophia, but in the meantime... any suggestions for a pretty nickname substitute?

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