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    Sophia-*Middle Name*

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    Quote Originally Posted by namenerdia View Post
    I would really think long and hard about giving her a formal nickname. It sounds like she truly loves her name (which is rare!) and for you to decide NOW that she's essentially going to go by a new one - I mean, you said you want a nickname that even her teachers will use - seems a smidge unfair. It's her name now - not yours. And you picked a lovely name that will serve her well throughout the years. Sure, there are 6 girls with the same name in her class at the moment, but in high school she might only know 1 or 2 Sophias. I would just leave it be.

    The point you make about it being her name now, not mine, is an excellent one. I suppose I'm just projecting a bit... I disliked having such a popular name, and I wanted to spare her being in the same situation. But honestly, for now at least, she doesn't seem the least bit fazed by it. I guess since it bothers me a whole lot more than it bothers her, I should just take a deep breath and let it go. But I do appreciate all the nickname options you have all shared... they may come in handy one of these days, if she ever decides she's sick and tired of being Sophia A. In the meantime, I think I'll start throwing in her middle name (I do call her Sophia-Grace from time to time, usually when she's in trouble!) since that IS her actual name and it might help distinguish her a bit from the other little girls in her class.

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    my cousin Lola became friends with another Lola just because on their first day in the same class (aged 4-5) they thought it would be cool to have a friend with the same name... Shes 7 now and still friends with Lola. And there are about 6 Sophies (not really any Sophias interestingly enough) and 2 of them are best friends. My point is that some people find it more fun than irritating when they are younger.

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    Thank you dancingal for starting this thread and especially to namenerdia for your input. I am having this exact same issue. I was the ONLY person with my name in every school I ever went to. Infact I have never met a Meryl in my age range (25-35). I really liked this, as many of my friends were Jenny H and Ashley R. My eldest daughter is Lila (lee-lah) I knew when I named her that it was not a super unusual name but I had never hear it and I worked w preschoolers so I was hip to things. Last year there was a Lyla is her class which wasn't a problem because it was spelt an pronounced differently. However this year there is a Lila in her class pronounced Lie-la. The teacher asked that the girls put their last initial on their paper so they would receive the correct paperwork back. My daughter being 5 years old told the other girl to do that because she does not want to go by Lila P. I tried to get her to write on her papers Lila Aveline(her middle name) or Lilabel (her nickname that we use often) she refused. But I guess it's more about me feeling like I failed to give her a special unique name. She of course doesn't care. Thank you namenerdia for pointing this out.

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    I love the nn Sia for Sophia

    I wouldn't worry too much though. I have a common name for my generation but it's also classic and pretty, like Sophia, so I don't feel like it ever really gets dated. My name and the name Sophia will probably come in and out of fashion forever unlike some more modern/invented names. You had very legitimate reasons for choosing it, i.e. being a family name, being an international name since you obviously travel, and a name you both agreed on. Just own your decision and don't feel bad for picking a popular name! It's still beautiful

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