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    Thank you for the encouragement, and the suggestions! I especially like Posy and Poppy, though I'm not sure I could get em to stick If anyone has any more ideas, please keep them coming!

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    How about the nn Sophie-Gray?

    BTW, Sophia Grace is a beautiful name - don't regret your choice. It is a classic name that will stay with her well as she grows up.
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    Sophia is popular because it is beautiful! And your daughter loves her name and identifies with it... that's great! It may not even bother her that there are others in the same school with her name. My name is Anna. It's popular and has been for a long time. I often meet other Anna's of all ages, it doesn't bother me at all. It's a classic, nice sounding name and I have always felt it suited me.

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    Ha! This is funny (sorry not really, but kind of). I have a Sophia Grace as well. However, I was well aware of the popularity, and do not/did not care because I love Sophia SO much. And my first name is Chandra (pronounced SHannon except "dra at the end). I've spent my entire life wishing I just had a more common name so people could pronounce it. I've met and been friends with a couple other "Chandra's" and they all pronounce differently. People don't even try sometimes. I've been called Kendra, Cassandra, Sandra, Chaundra, Sarah...... Blah. Anywho, to your nicknames, what about "Fia?" I love it and sometimes I will call her that, but typically it's Sophie or Sophia.

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    I agree with others--don't regret your choice. It's too bad Sophia is so popular, since that bothers you, and you can keep popularity in mind if you have other children, but you've already named your daughter, and her name is beautiful.

    I've begun giving art lessons to an 8-year-old Sophia, and I heard her mom call her "Sosie" the other day. I think that's cute and pretty.
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